About InstaChatRooms

Mission Statement

InstaChatRooms is an open-minded chat rooms website that aims to help all types of individuals. We don’t judge, but instead we attempt to guide those in need of assistance. We also aim to provide users with an entertainment area where socialization becomes simple. By providing you with entirely free access to hundreds of different chat rooms that cover a variety of different topics, we know that we can make the world a smaller place. We attract all types of people ranging from young teens that want to make new friends to cancer victims that are in need of some helpful advice on how to live through it. With continuous growth, InstaChatRooms aims to become the “go-to” chat rooms website on the internet.

Business History

We came up with the idea on a Monday morning out of the blue. We didn’t spend years thinking about the concept, and when the idea came up, we instantly got to work on it the same day.

Personal Mission

We built InstaChatRooms because we felt there was a need for it. We missed the good old days of AOL chat rooms and simply wanted to bring them back with our own personal touch. Money isn’t our goal and that is reflected by the fact that InstaChatRooms is entirely free to use and no advertising or forms of marketing are displayed on the site. His personal mission is to bring people together. Whether it’s to discuss politics, to talk about business opportunities or even to build support groups for addicts, InstaChatRooms is a place for like-minded people to connect with one another.

Our mission is to bring back chat rooms while making them better than they have ever been before. Adding new technologies such as webcam capabilities is our goal. We also aims towards providing users with the most amount of chat rooms in one website. At the moment there are over 100 different chat rooms in more than 20 main categories to choose from and these numbers are constantly on the rise.

"I missed AOL chat rooms and there has been a void ever since and I am sure there are many people like me that grew up with AOL and their chat room service so I am sure that the demand is there for a chat rooms website that incorporates all the new technological advances in communications over the last 10 years combined with an easy to use platform for chatting with people online." - Instachatrooms’ founder Mr. Fox

Dedicated to Cesare

Cesare is the inspiration behind Instachatrooms. Cesare is a Jack Russell Terrier which stole our heart and inspires us on a daily basis. Cesare suddenly went blind due to a terrible disease called SARDS that makes dogs blind overnight. We decided to dedicate this site to Cesare. We built the website in less than a week. 5 long days of coding, programming and getting the entire website up and running was all we needed. However, each one of those days consisted of 18 hours of non-stop work which ultimately caused some of us to forget about simple daily tasks such as eating and sleeping due to our intense excitement for the project. We hope you enjoy what we built!