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Our video games chat room is like no other site on the internet. Most video game chat rooms either focus their attention only on one specific video game or on one specific gaming console. We take it to the next level and allow you to discuss video game news, all of the different gaming consoles and talk about all of the games. To make our video games chat room even more interesting, we’ve added the ability to chat with others using your webcam. The video games chat room is the best place to come if you want to figure out how the newest consoles are doing, to get tips on how to pass certain levels in a game or even to meet people to game with online.

Here is a list of specific rules that apply to the video games chat room. Read through them carefully and make sure to respect them at all times.

  • The video games chat room is for all ages. Keeping that in mind, please act appropriately and keep the vulgar language to a minimum.
  • No nudity or any other inappropriate behaviors will be tolerated in the chat room. Getting naked on cam will get you banned.
  • Treat others with respect. If you insult or laugh at other users you will get banned immediately.
  • Do not use the video games chat room to promote a video game or try to make sales. The is a friendly chat environment; not a place to advertise.

Being helpful towards others is the best possible way to make friends in the video games chat room. If anyone asks for tips on how to play certain games or how to get past errors in certain gaming consoles, try your best to help them out.

When asking questions in the video games chat room, be as precise as you possibly can. The will help the other users answer your questions with more ease. For instance; if you simply ask if the new PS4 is any good, you won’t get precise answers. On the other hand, if you ask how the graphics are displayed in certain games on the PS4, the answers will be much more precise.

Most of the time when you want to find out information about video games or gaming consoles on the internet, you need to visit a video games forum. The requires you to place a post and wait several hours for a response. In our video games chat room you will get to instantly converse with other gaming enthusiasts by chatting in real time or even by chatting via webcam.

You can figure out information about literally any type of video game or gaming console in the one single chat room which makes it the ideal chat room for those of you that love all gaming consoles. Best of all, most of the users in the room will discuss video game news, which makes it easy for you to be aware of the latest updates in the world of gaming!