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Overcoming addiction of drugs and alcohol can be one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do in your lifetime. Drug abuse support groups and alcoholics anonymous groups exist, but they require you to go to meetings and physically go to that location. The can often cause a lot of problems such as not being able to make it on time or not being able to find a ride to get to the meetings. The stress of overcoming addiction in front of strangers is also a reason why many people choose not to go to these support groups. That is why we created our alcohol/drug chat room. The addiction chat room is based around helping others. You can come here to share your stories and provide others with addiction help or you can even come here for advice on how to get through your alcohol and drug problems. The help is instant which makes the the ideal solution when you need rapid help.

Here is a list of the rules that you must follow in order to use the alcohol/drugs chat room.

  • The addiction chat room must always remain on topic. Do not come here to talk about sports, business opportunities or any other unrelated topic. If you talk about anything other than overcoming drug abuse or overcoming alcoholism, you will be banned.
  • Mutual respect is important. You need to respect the people that share their stories and you must respect those that offer advice. The chat room should be treated in the same manner as real alcoholics anonymous groups or drug abuse support groups.
  • Avoid giving out personal information or details about yourself or other users that you may know. The addiction chat room should remain anonymous.
  • Insults towards others or laughing at what other users have to say will result in you getting banned.

Addiction help and advice is the most valuable thing you could give to the other users in the chat room. If you have tips for dealing with drug abuse or for overcoming alcoholism, please share them with the group. Sharing personal stories about your own experiences and how you were able to overcome addiction are also very helpful.

For the users with current drug and alcohol problems, please listen to what the other users have to say. All users in the addiction chat room have previously had addiction problems or currently do. Although not all the advice will work for you, most of the addiction help will bring you great results if you stick with it.

The main benefit of using the addiction chat room is being able to find people to talk with at any time of the day or night. Many people that have drug or alcohol addictions do not take the time to actually go to alcoholics anonymous meetings or drug abuse support groups. With the addiction chat room, anyone that is feeling the urge to relapse can connect with others here and get the instant addiction help that they need to overcome that urge.

Our chat room is better than any other type of addiction help on the internet because the help is instant. You enter the alcohol/drugs chat room and you immediately get to talk with other like-minded people. There isn’t another website on the internet that can provide you with the type of instant help for dealing with drug abuse or overcoming alcoholism.