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NFL is the largest and most celebrated sport leagues in America. However, NFL fans online have lots of trouble finding a place to meet up together and discuss NFL news or rumors. That’s why we’ve created the NFL chat room where all of the NFL fans online can meet up, get to know one another and discuss the very popular sport. Football chat exists on the internet, but we give you the ability to talk in real time, to save other users to your friends list and even to use your webcam for live video and audio streaming. Basically, our NFL chat room is the ideal place for all NFL fans online and we hope to reunite you all for a tailgate discussion about all the games to come, the players in the league and any other NFL related discussion.

Here is a list of the specific rules that apply to the NFL chat room. Please read them over carefully and respect them at all times.

  • Keep the NFL chat room clean and safe for users of all ages. The isn’t an adult only chat room so keep the vulgar language to a minimum and remain respectful of all users regardless of their age.
  • No nudity or any other inappropriate behaviors will be tolerated in the NFL chat room.
  • Stay on topic and avoid talking about anything other than NFL related subjects. If you begin talking off topic such as mentioning business opportunities, you will get banned from the chat room.
  • No insults will be tolerated and laughing at other users either. These rude behaviors will get you banned.

Since the is an NFL chat room, try to talk only if you know a bit about the NFL. If you have very little knowledge about the league, don’t discuss NFL news or say false things. The is a serious, yet friendly NFL chat room, so if you want to make things up, you will get kicked out of the room.

Help those that don’t have much knowledge about the NFL, but that want to learn about the league. The is a friendly football chat environment so don’t insult those that know very little about the sport.

Share your opinions about players and teams in a polite manner. Pushing your opinions onto others and forcing them to think the same way as you will get you banned.

Football chat rooms are easy to find on the internet, yet very few of them have quality features along with tons of online users at all times. We do. We bring you the ability to discuss NFL rumors in real time without having to wait several hours for a response.

With webcam capabilities, you can connect with other users and actually see who you’re talking with. You can add the users that you find interesting to your friends list and you will be notified whenever they are online.

If you’re searching for the absolute best football chat environment on the internet, you’ve found it!