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Our Independent chat room is dedicated to all of you that aren’t quite for democrats and don’t really feel like you’re a republican. We wanted to provide all independents online with a place where they could connect together, share ideas and exchange opinions. The independent chat room is friendly and welcoming and should become your ‘go-to’ chat room when it comes to discussing independent related issues. With quality features and a chatting experience like you’ve never seen before, we know that all independents online will love entering the chat room to share their ideas. Being able to connect with all independents online in one convenient location is what makes the chat room so worthwhile.

Here is a list of specific rules that apply to our independent chat room. Please ready through them carefully and make sure that you respect them at all times.

  • The is a chat room to discuss politics only. Going off topic such as talking about democrat news or even talking about sports will get you banned. Only discuss independent politics in the chat room.
  • No nudity or any other form of inappropriate behavior will be tolerated within the chat room.
  • Do not insult other users, do not make fun of them and don’t be rude. These disrespectful behaviors will get you banned.
  • Do not use the independent chat room to promote your own personal campaign.

If you’re a supporter of independent campaigns then you will definitely want to help others join your side. However, not everyone in the independent chat room will share the same opinion as you at all times. If someone does not feel the same way as you do, remain polite and avoid being rude. Keeping the chat room friendly and relaxed will encourage many more independents online to come by for a chat.

If you seem to get along with another user, add them to your friends list. The way you will be able to quickly find them later on and you will be notified whenever they come online. It will make it a lot easier for you to pick up where you left off with your conversations.

We are the only ones to offer a quality independent chat room on the internet. Although some forums exist, no instant and real time chat room has ever been created for all independents online. Even though we are the first to create such a chat room, we still wanted to make it the best it could possibly be.

We’ve added the ability to use your webcam in order to provide you with an even more realistic chatting experience. Now, whenever you talk with other independents online, you’ll get the impression that they are standing right in front of you.

With lighting fast loading speeds and moderators that keep the chat room clean and on topic at all times, you’ll never want to go anywhere else to discuss politics!