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Our hip hop chat room is the best place online for all hip hop enthusiasts to come chat about the music genre. You can quickly be connected with tons of other people from all corners of the globe, all of whom will love to discuss hip hop. Whether you want to talk about hip hop news, album releases or even hip hop rumors, the is the place for you. You’ll get to converse in real time via text chat or even take a more realistic approach and chat with the other users via webcam. Stay up to date with the latest hip hop news, album release dates and even learn about the newest hip hop artists by returning to the hip hop chat room on a regular basis.

Here is a list of the specific rules that apply to the hip hop chat room. Read through them carefully and make sure to respect them at all times.

  • Stay on topic at all times. Do not talk about other genres of music or any other topic for that matter. Talking about anything other than hip hop will get you banned from the chat room.
  • Do not use the hip hop chat room to advertise your own musical talents or to promote your own album. The isn’t an advertising or marketing program; it’s a friendly chat room to discuss hip hop.
  • No nudity or any other form of inappropriate behaviors will be tolerated within the chat room.

Not everybody will be aware of the latest hip hop news or the latest hip hop rumors. If you meet someone that isn’t quite aware of the latest updates in the hip hop music industry, kindly make them aware of any updates. Being rude or laughing at those that aren’t fully up to date will not be tolerated and will get you banned.

Try to start friendly debates by stating why you like or dislike a certain hip hop artist. The will most likely bring many people into a conversation and will make the hip hop chat room that much more exciting to be a part of.

If you enjoy talking with somebody, add them to your friends list. The will make it much easier for you to find them later on since you will be notified every time that they are online.

Whether you like hip hop gossip, hip hop news or even if you just want to talk about hip hop rumors, we have it all. Our hip hop chat room is the best there is on the internet because of our great features, the numerous online users at all times and the ability to use your webcam for a much more personal conversation.

If hip hop is your thing, you’ll definitely want to join in on the fun here at InstaChatRooms. Our hip hop chat room will allow you to constantly be aware of the latest hip hop rumors, the new album updates and you’ll even get to meet tons of hip hop enthusiasts just like yourself!